Practice Areas

Law on the Runway offers creative counsel and advice to small and established companies in the fashion industry. For new companies, we start by getting your business entity formed and implement a framework that protects you down the road. For companies already established, we serve as general counsel and offer consistent legal support and insight.

Corporate Formation

  • We help form new businesses by determining the best path for your company and preparing the incorporation documents.

Partnership Formation

  • Follow-up a handshake with terms and conditions for your working business relationship—we’re here to handle the details.

Copyright Registration

  • Your creativity is entitled to its own rights. We can help you protect original works with copyright registration and licensing.

Trademark Registration

  • You have set your brand apart with words, phrases, and symbols that define you; be certain to register them as your own.

Brand Protection

  • Your brand represents the emotional connection that consumers have to your products — we help protect it!

Rights of Publicity

  • We help to protect your personality rights and control the commercial use of your identity, such as name, image, or likeness.

Licensing Agreements

  • License your ideas, designs, products, and intellectual property so that others may have access to your important work.

Contract Expertise

  • We carefully read, draft, and negotiate contracts—ensuring your interests are fully protected throughout the process.

Non Disclosure

  • We draft non disclosure agreements to ensure that your confidential information and trade secrets are safely guarded.

Sponsorships Endorsements

  • We can help manage sponsorship and endorsements, which are likely to be an essential part of your brand and marketing strategy.

Employment Agreements

  • Growing your company? We advise on employment contracts and issues and draft independent contractor agreements.

Internet Compliance

  • We offer due diligence when it comes to disclosures, terms of use, privacy policies, and online marketing compliance for your business needs.

Fundraising Crowdfunding

  • If you’re looking for funding, crowdfunding or investors, we offer comprehensive support for your company as it grows.

Social Media Rules

  • Social Media? We “like” it and offer counsel on ownership, blogger endorsement, and contest and sweepstakes rules.

Commercial Leasing

  • As you grow and acquire a brand new space, we can help review and negotiate commercial lease agreements.

Supply Chain

  • We offer help as your business navigates the complex process of manufacturing, producing, and distributing a product.