4 Resources for Making Eco-Fashion Materials & Manufacturing Choices

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September 12, 2016
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September 12, 2016

4 Resources for Making Eco-Fashion Materials & Manufacturing Choices

Eco-fashion has always held a special place in my heart as I believe fashion can be used to improve lives, to express the self, and to nurture the environment.  With these ideals in mind, I want to take a step back from the legal topics for a moment, and focus on resources that you can use to further eco-fashion goals. Law On The Runway is not only a law firm, its a fashion industry specialist.  Here are a few resources that I point clients to when they are attempting to create environmentally conscious fashion businesses.

1. The Natural Resources Defense Council Fiber Selection Chart

This chart is an easy to read comparison of the environmental impact of several common fiber types.

2. Ethical Fashion Forum Source Database

This database gives the locations and ethical focus areas of global suppliers and manufacturing services.

3. Ecolabel Index

This website lists over 450 third-party eco labeling and certification organizations with summaries regarding each organization’s services.

4. Higg Index- Rapid Design Module

While still in Beta, this website allows designers to compare various materials, manufacturing processes, packaging, product uses (wash & care instructions) and recyclability or reuse of the product. With each selection, you’ll be able to review the environmental impact of your decisions.

For more information on the Higg-Index,  please visit this previous post.

If you have any questions regarding finding more resources for developing an eco-fashion business, please reach out to me, Rachel@lawontherunway.com