5 Topics for Contracting with Make-Up Artists

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September 12, 2016
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September 12, 2016

5 Topics for Contracting with Make-Up Artists

NEW YORK- SEPTEMBER 11: Make-up artist applying makeup to model backstage at the Blonds Collection for Spring/ Summer 2013 during Mercedes-Benz NY Fashion Week on September 11, 2012 in NYC

New York Fashion Week is upon us and San Francisco Fashion Week is just 2 weeks away! With runway shows on the forefront, clients are focusing on the production phases, including contracting with cosmetologists or makeup artists. Fashion shows are fast pace and chaotic, making the preplanning an essential component of a smooth show. When negotiating with a cosmetologist or makeup artist, the more details that are discussed in the contract, the easier it will be for both parties to meet each other’s needs at the show.

1. Timing

Share with the cosmetologist or makeup artist when you’ll need him or her present. Include dates and time ranges so that they can manage their calendar accordingly. Additionally, if the makeup artist has a staff, you might want to include specific dates when you’ll need the whole team, verses one representative. Be mindful of their schedules so that they’ll know their time is valued.

2. Practice & Rehearsals 

If you have a specific look in mind, you may want to have the cosmetologist share a “practice run” with you before signing the contract to ensure that you are satisfied with the capabilities of the artist Following the initial practice run with one model, you may want to do rehearsal or practice runs with several or all the models, particularly if their skin or hair type varies to ensure that the look can be recreated or mimicked across varying hair and skin types.

3. Accommodations & Travel 

The cost of travel, lodging, and food, may quickly consume the profit margins of the cosmetologist or makeup artist, especially if he or she is traveling long distances to the show or rehearsals. Discuss the with the artist the expectation of accommodations and the need for transportation assistance. While it may be tempting to require the artist to sort out his or her own travel, giving a little assistance may help streamline the event, since you’ll know when he or she is arriving, and obstacles he or she may face along the way.

4. Cost of Makeup & Choice of Products

Some makeup artists offer a full package, with their makeup kits already prepared for the event. This can be beneficial since the artist is already comfortable with his or her tools and knows how the makeup will look when applied. However, you may have certain desired effects or colors that you’d like to see in the look, and the artist may not have the specific tools for the desired effect. Discuss with the cosmetologist or makeup artist how he or she prefers to source products, and any preferences that you may have. Also keep in mind that your models may have skin sensitivities or allergies to products and you’ll want to accommodate

5. Setup & Tools at Show

At the day of the show, the artist may have special needs or a preferred setup for his or her workspace. Ask if the cosmetologist  or makeup artist if her or she needs particular lighting, outlets, furniture or mirrors. She or he may also need quick assess to a sink or bathroom. If the application process is particularly messy, such as with the application of glitter, powders, or oils, preplanning of space & amenities can curb the amount of mess cleanup that be required after the show.

These are just 5 topics to cover with your makeup artist. Within these topics, you may find particularly unique issues that will require more attention or coordination based on your goals for the event. Beyond this topics, discuss the timing and milestones for payment. You may choose to pay the artist in installments, for each task completed, or you may choose to do a single payment. Consider that offering the artist access to payment along the way may help him or her meet your needs more easily.

Like all Law On The Runway posts, this is just basic information, not legal advice. Reach out to an attorney to gain legal advice on your specific needs. If you have questions about this blog post, please contact Law On The Runway, at Rachel@lawontherunway.com