Tips for Setting Up a Successful Pop-Up Shop

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November 22, 2016
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Tips for Setting Up a Successful Pop-Up Shop

Tips for Setting Up a Successful Pop-Up Shop

Many online retailers decide to set up pop-up shops (temporary physical locations) in order to either test new products, a new market or even just to get closer to their customers. We at Law on the Runway have already written a post about negotiating a pop-up shop lease with a commercial space owner (which you can read right here), but finding your perfect location and signing a lease is only the beginning of your journey. Here are a few tips to help you set up a successful pop-up shop.

This post is meant to be taken as general information, not legal advice. If you need assistance with setting up a pop-up shop, you may email

Marketing Before launching your pop-up, you will need to think about your marketing strategy. Social media is one of the most efficient ways to let people know what your company is up to, so you might want to put a consistent amount of energy into getting customers interested in your pop-up shop. Think about a few different ways to use social media to your advantage. For instance, why not document on Instagram the set-up of your shop from the beginning all the way to the launch? You could potentially create a specific hashtag for your upcoming pop-up shop or even create an influencer campaign (you check out our blog post about influencer marketing campaign agreements here). Collaborating with artists and publications who have their own following is also an interesting way to get additional exposure for your brand. Regardless of which paths you decide to take, make sure you use platform-specific content and stay consistent throughout the entire time period leading up to your launch.

Visual merchandising It is very important that you find the best way to showcase your products. If you have a window display, you might want to put as much energy into it as you would with the interior of your pop-up shop. An enticing display is essential to attract customers who might be walking by without necessarily knowing about your company. Think about your brand and make it as representative of that as possible. As for the inside, think about the most visually pleasing way to display your merchandise (appropriate lighting, mannequins, etc.) Having your staff wear the products you are selling would also be a nice way to have a livelier component to your displays.

Customer experience Pop-up shops are a great way for your customers to learn more about your company, the way it works, its values, etc. Make sure your staff is ready and educated enough about your products to answer potential questions. Put yourself in the shoes of your customers when setting up the pop-up shop. Would they like something to drink (for the launch at least)? Would they want an area they could sit and relax in during their shopping session? Would they like to know more about the fabrics or ingredients you use to make your products? Think about what your customer would like to experience and try to set up little areas in your pop-up shop that are representative of that. For instance, if you are very proud of the materials you are using to make the clothes you are selling and you know your customers care about how their clothes are made, it could be interesting to have small section of the pop-up shop dedicated to touching textile samples and learning more about the manufacturing of your products.

Methods of payment If you are an online retailer with no brick and mortar location, you probably do not have typical cash register machines at hand. Because of how temporary a pop-up shop is, it might be a smart idea to use apps such as Square and other easy to use payment apps in order for customers to pay for their purchases instead of renting machines for the duration of your pop-up shop. Internet connection might be necessary in many cases, so take that into consideration when first choosing your location.

Legal restrictions If you plan on having food or alcohol at your pop-up shop or at the launch party, you should look into getting the necessary permits as well as potential restrictions either from the owner of the space you are renting or from local authorities. Make sure to also enquire about any other laws or regulations that might affect you, such as restrictions concerning noise. Before organizing any events related to your pop-up, take the time to carefully read your lease and insurance policy.

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